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4th July 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Hey, I don't know any cool glitches for battlefront 2 and I've tried google and I still can't find any, plz reply. Oh...if you could, please make it just a little detailed so i could understand it better. thx.


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30th June 2006

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#2 14 years ago

come to my website, it tells you a bunch,



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23rd April 2006

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#3 14 years ago

1:if u know the turret glitch u can get in any wall in the game. go up to a corner and place a turret. jump behind it and ull be pushed in the wall. u can do that in so many places. carefull tho, u might fall and die in certain places. 2:there are multiple places where u can do the spin glitch. the one in the arena with the wookie is the most common and easiest. use chewy and jump onto the front of the ship thing. ull get stuck and die. chewy will start spinning and infinate ammo will appear below him. there are 3 or 4 more places in mos eisly. these can only be done in mos eisly. 3: get on top of the ship in the arena in mos eisly. jump twoards the wall near the ramps leading up. ull go thru the wall. 4: in the mos eisly cantina look for a chair that is slightly turned. jump behind it and roll and crouch repededly until u slip in. 5:on mygeeto there is a part of the walkway around the main building that is crumbled. take an imperial or republic tank and go full speed at it. ull fly up and land on part of the building. go forward tru the building. u can stay up there with the tank. or turn sideways and slowly go out the way u came and if ur lucky ull fall down under the building and can shoot from there. 6: on curosaunt go to the balcony. look up right b4 u enter the temple. take a jet trooper and fly up. ull go thru the celiling and can shoot from there. 7: look for a destroyable object such as the gate and wooden barrakades on kashyyk or the machines on kamino. destroy it and stand where it was. have some1 repair it and ull end up inside the object.u can do this with the generator on hoth and on ships. but it takes a while to repair. 8: on mos eisly go out the exit from the arena (the main exit) and head straight. when u hit a building jump onto it.there is an area where 2 textures on the buildings collide. go there and keep jumping up and down up and down. ull slide either in one of the houses or behind the mos eisly barrier. u can also do this near one of the doors on the barrier but is very hard and almost pure luck if u get in. 9:behind the cantina in mos eisly there is a building that has a square building next to a half cuircle door. jump on the half circle door and repeatedly roll twoards the square building. ull end up inside. 10:on kashyyyk there is a small gap between two of the goodguy platforms. go there and roll. u will end up inside the nearby tree. 11: u know those purple things hanging from mos eisly buildings? take yoda and go under one next to the building and start jumping repetedly. ull end up inside. this can be done with any purple thingy in mos eisly. 12: while u are choking some1 switch to saber throw and then u can choke that person until they die without losing force power. 13: jump until ur force bar turns grey. then block. u can now block forever. 14: get eaten by the rancor in jabbas palace. b4 he puts u in his mouth hit Respawn. the rancor will barf out 30-40 ammo containers. 15: go up to an ewok hut and cruoch while walking at it. ull slip inside.

16: in space destroy the CIS bridge. then u can fly thru it and if ur lucky u can land in the ceiling.

17: take a taun taun on hoth and run into a ship. the ship will turn in a weird way and annoy other players.

18: stand on a ship when it takes off. the ship will crash and u will take no damage.

19:in space near the shields get right where the stairs in the room end and walk forward. ul go under the stairs.

20: im tired right now and i cant remember the rest lol. those are all the good ones tho there are so many death glitches which just cause u to die. theres no reason to learn to do those. if u need help PM me and ill help u do a glitch. i can also help u get to AWSOME sniping places on kashyyyk with a speeder. that right there is about every BF2 glitch there is


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3rd December 2006

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#4 14 years ago

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9th October 2004

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#5 13 years ago

Dark Helmet, stop posting your site everywhere! And do not revive old threads either!