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#1 12 years ago

Server bookings: Monday 22: Tuesday 23: Wednesday 24: Thursday 25: Friday 26: Saturday 27: Sunday 28:

If anyone would like me to set up a dedicated server(lot less lag than normal pc server) for their clan for training or whatever, email [email][/email] with the following info.

Booking: >State the day you wish to book server and the time >State the server name >Password to join on/off >State the server maps >State who you wish to have admin controls >State any server messages >State maximum players and AI players >Friendly Fire on/off >Hero on/off

Please book if atleast 2 days in advance so I have enough time to set it up. I will then send you a message stating the passwords for admin and if you choose to, the joining password along with the confirmed date or options for other days/times.

Example: >21 september 10am-10pm >=clan=training >password on >death star CTF-1Flag >player1, player2 >"welcome to =clan='s training server" >32 players, 6 AI players >friendly fire on >hero off