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Welcome to the Official Gaming Forums Star Wars Battlefront 2 Section. This forum is dedicated to the game by LucasArts & Pandemic Studios: Star Wars Battlefront. Now, my main goal in these forums is to make sure that you have fun. However, with fun, there comes rules that everyone needs to respect. You should already know the rules of Gaming Forums, but here are a few for the SWBF 2 Forums: 1. Stay on topic: I want to see everyone talking about Star Wars Battlefront 2 in here. This isnt the car forums, or the babe forums, or the Battlefield 1942 forum. These are the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Forums. Hence, stay topical to the post. I will move posts that dont belong. 2. Be polite: Dont be rude to your fellow gamer. We are all here for the same purpose, which automatically means that you are no higher or lower in rank or greatness then the next person. No swearing or cursing will be tolerated, and any extremely offensive act will only get you banned from here. No buts about it. 3. Respect the Adminstrators: This is a very important rule. The thing that needs to be remembered is the fact that the moderators and the admins do alot of work to make sure that the forums are moderated, and under control. They dont need extra disrespect to top off the cake. Disrespecting an admin will get you warned. The second offense is another warning and an email to a higher icon of authority. The third offense gets you banned. Thats all, respect those rules and you should be good. Have a great time, and enjoy the game as well!