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#1 13 years ago

Okay, I had this great idea where somebody can make a level based on the planet Telos IV where the HK-50 are made and manufactured at a secret droid manufacture. The Jedi Council found the planet because of Kit Fisto and his fleet. So the council rewards him and his fleet to try to destroy the plant and any working HK-50 droids. The HK-50 finds their ship heading in and are quickly prepared for battle. So is Count Dooku, who is resting:sleep: here after a close encounter with death by a Krayt Dragon on the planet of Tatooine. He tames the Krayt Dragon and trains him to be a killer of slow death to any Jedi he captures. The only problem is, is that he can't tell if any human is a Jedi or not. So he simply kills anyone. When Count Dooku finds out about the incoming ship, he senses the force, figuring it out with the force. He realizes it's Kit Fisto. he gets his Krayt Dragon out, and he gets ready to fight.

Here are the sides: Dark Side HK-50 Close Range Specialist Blaster Pistol Machine Gun (300 ammo) HK-50 Plasma Grenades Wrist Rocket Hk-50 Heavy Fire

Rocket Launcher Commando Pistol Rage(Damage Increase) Time Bomb HK-50 Long Range Specialist Sniper Rifle(56 ammo) Pistol Thermal Detenators HK-50 Bomb HK-50 Assault Droid Grenade Launcher (20 ammo) Mortar Launcher( 12 ammo) High Powered Mines HK-50 Jetpack Droid (8 points to earn) Arc Caster Rifle Shock Grenades Smoke/Fire Grenades HK-50 Rapid Fire Droid Powered Chaingun Rapid Fire Rocket Launcher (Shoots three at a time, Half damage of regular launcher on each hit, 20 ammo) Illegal Thermal Detenators (Has more effect and longer range) Durge Clone(Half as powerful) Side-Arm Mortar Launcher(Rapid Fire, Five and then reload, 100 ammo) Machine Gun Orbital Strike Ship Bomb(He carries a ship bomb on him and throws it. It's as powerful as a regular ship bomb) Count Dooku (Villain) Same as regular Dooku Good Side You can make your own good side people, you can be creative. Just please try to make the sides even. I know it'll be hard. Make a guy who can be like Durge's Counter part. Kit Fisto (Hero, same animations and attacks as on Conversion Pack 1.9 Alderaan, ask for permission first.) Thanks for reading this whole post, I know it's long. Email this map to Filefront, they'll upload it to the website. Feel free to call this level whatever you want.:rofl:


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#2 13 years ago

I'll do it