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#1 11 years ago

Go to my page to learn all my badass BF2 tricks: Block all lightsaber attacks by aiming at the center of the map. Don't know where the center is? Press M, and go to the middle of the map circle. That's the spot you need to aim at. If the center of the map is within your field of view block works. Otherwise, block will fail.

This explains a lot of things... Wonder why sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, in obi-to-obi sprint attack clashes? One of you is sprint attacking towards the center, one is not. The obi that goes towards the center blocks the attack completely, and the obi facing away from it will get damaged and possibly knocked down. If you start at the arena entrace for dueling, your block will work if you're facing your opponent. The other player's block will not work if they're facing you. Thus, it's advantageous to start at the big entrance to the arena. This also explains why obi sprint attacks can sometimes be nulled and sometimes not - it depends on the direction of his sprint attack. You cannot null him if he's going towards the center. There is no such thing as "breaking" block. What really happens is that the person blocking turns away from the center and gets hurt. Sometimes when you're being attacked you'll get a tiny window of time where you can turn to the center and put up block which will prevent them from finishing you off and allows you to retaliate after their attack ends. Tips:

  • Start your attack combo on them so they run out of energy while you're still swinging.
  • Block only lasts 10 seconds with full energy. Make them run out.
  • Use "instant backswing from block" (further down on this page)
  • Get them between you and the center of the map so they can't look at you and block at the same time.