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pirates are better then ninjas

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7th August 2006

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#21 13 years ago

for all u n00bs,loZers, and people who really can't find the right mapp. If you ask for something, and we don't have it, then don't ask us again! Where not being mean, hiding all the mapps from you guys, were telling the truth. There a NO extremly high deataled, exactly like the moive, friken awsome mapps!!!! The best you can get is the best you can get You want some good mapps, then download the battle front converion pack U just want one mapp, then try battle over corosuant, or yavin Ayro pass want a few, then get the mijan Raven mapp series;Rise of the empire Don't expect us to do every thing for u, we have lifes to, were not gona sersh the whole flipen web so we can satisfy you! You want something, get it your self!! if i could lock this thread, i would