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2nd May 2016

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#31 13 years ago

ok clonecommander you think your some sort of god:

For now, refrain from giving tips unless I give u permission,you must ask first.

Do not treat anyother members like that now you know why you think people don't like you, no offense but jeese just don't talk to people like that.


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#32 13 years ago

I wasn't banning them from postings I said they shouldn't post tips without my permission. What is your problem picking on me, especially for falsely acusing me of doubleposting. Any more questions?


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30th June 2006

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#33 13 years ago

lol wait i have permission though right?


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9th October 2004

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#34 13 years ago

Sorry, this is just.. a bit useless. If they need help, they can pm you.