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16th June 2009

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#911 10 years ago

I seriously doubt that trainmaster would give up on this, since he's spent so much time and shown so much progress. Personally I think he's just going to ignore us until he is completely finished with this masterpiece. If this is the case, then all I can say is good luck and cheers!!



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14th September 2007

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#912 10 years ago
Rogue_Clone;4965463and shown so much progress.

He's shown about zero progress, all you've seen have been some pictures of models that he didn't even make (although maybe some tweaks were made). It was less than 50% done, which is why there was never a topic at GT, and this topic has had 60 pages of spam for a map that most of us knew after the first 10 would never get finished.

Leave it alone and let the thread die.


I didn't make it!

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#913 10 years ago
Maveritchell;4965759Leave it alone and let the thread die.

Agreed. I was already thinking about closing this thread to prevent further spamming. :lock: