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2nd August 2005

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#31 15 years ago
Fiminopterthey're right next to cp 5. the switches are the hexagonal orange plates right in front of the windows.

thanks. I always heard ppl talking about these so I wanted to know too. Ill go drown ppl into lava now!


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25th March 2006

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#32 15 years ago
koolaid7gI meant the fortified steel seawall, not the wooden one. I keep thinking that the forcefields on Polis Massa could be destroyed/ turned off because they have a health bar, but i guess not... it'd be a cool mod though

actually, it would be quite easy. if they have a health bar, then they, like capital ships, simply have a ton of health with a large recovery rate. to do this, just make a new map and copy all of the stuff from assets into the right directories


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#33 13 years ago

excuse me Koolaid7g all the switches i know is the ones you said but my qustion is sort of out of the subject but in your mod naboo theen hanger you say in the readme please email me but you dont have your email address any where in the readme i was wondering if youcould post back and tell me your email adress many thanks Bronson :)



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2nd April 2007

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#34 13 years ago

Yes. I have always wondered what the switch in the trash compactor does. I thought it would stop the walls but it doesn't

same for the clone things in kamino. It doesn't appear to do anything.


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14th March 2004

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#35 13 years ago
March 25th, 2006
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15th March 2004

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#36 13 years ago
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Don't hold your breath for a reply. Indecently, bumping a thread this old is a no-no