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12th November 2006

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#1 10 years ago

Hey, I have recently came back to Battlefront 2 and I have some questions.

1. Are there some servers with some really good action? What I mean is where people don't rush into the action and play it tactically. Also, what I'm looking for is mature players. Many servers I played on were all full of people who kept saying random stuff in chat and acting childish.

2. Are there some must-have maps, if so, which ones? Just give me the links to the best maps around.

3. Are there some skin replacements to make the game more realistic? Like something fixing the Marine on Geonosis.

Thanks for any answer :)



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14th September 2007

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#2 10 years ago

1) Battlefront (and unfortunately moreso its constituency) doesn't seem to work well with tactical play. Most of the servers with large amounts of people are going to be each-to-his-own, despite the team setup. You might have better luck on smaller servers, but then again, they're smaller servers. 2) There are going to be lots of different opinions on what make the "best" or "must-have" maps. I know a lot of people like maps that are essentially just visual fluff and explosions; I have a different idea of what makes something good. Here are some of my favorites: Mos Eisley beta by Rends Pestox: Urban Wasteland by Delinquent Muunilist Rooftops beta by Pinioncorp Naboo: Theed Hangar by Koolaid7g Operation: Ferret Master by archer01 That last one is my favorite map made by anyone other than myself (it's an extended story-campaign - I'd recommend checking it out first, it's definitely worth your time). I'm also a big fan of all my own maps, but if I had to say that there were two most worth checking out, I'd direct you towards: Spira: Besaid and Space Endor 3) Check out RepSharpshooter's Unofficial 1.2 Patch. It boils down to essentially a visual upgrade to all the sides in the game.