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if they do decide to patch 1.2 they need some serious rennovation on the AI. I've noticed that 3 or 4 bots on either team on the end of round scoreboard are good (15+points 10+kills) and all the others SUCK. if only the AI could be more like FarCry's AI ex. when they see you they take cover, they only expose themselves in a gunfight when they have to. Plus they also need to make the human to AI interface controlls waaaay better like battlefield 2. I would win every single time if their was order among our ranks rather that just mindless guys running randomly across the battlefield. another thing, they need to make the weapons look diffrent and be a little more personal and in depth and diffrent bennifits and hinderances for each teams classes ex. Colt M16 A2 5.56x45mm nato assault rifle vs. blaster rifle and maybe one teams rifle is more accurate, but has a slower rate of fire and longer reloading times. the last things about the gameplay that pisses me off are first, you can not go prone, second the animation shows recoil but their are no recoil effects, and third every weapon has the same level of accuracy if you are still and crouched or shooting people while you are running like a chicken with its head cut off! I do not expect anyone will care about anything I just said but if YOU do, please respond. Zephyr89 P.S. yes o observant one this is the second section of my post in "where the hell is the 1.2 patch" forum. It just seemed to me that this area is more appropriate :confused: than that area. if you would like to read the rest go take a look!