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30th January 2005

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#1 12 years ago

This is the last thing I have to give you all before I have fulfilled my duties and can retire for good.

The Super Shadowman Vault.

This page will be the official SS homepage, containing all of my funny pictures in a much more viewer-friendly format (No more loading all pics at once). It also contains a few other things, such as the Video Tribute and the first funny picture album. This way I won't have to use up all the space that this forum or any other forum has to post all the pictures, now you can all just go to that page and look at them.

(The latest pictures that I sent as PotDs are however exclusive for this site. EraOfDensann, keep em coming!)

It has been fun, all of you. Lots of the new funny picture takers are very good and they should be able to supply everyone with a limitless storage of funny pictures even after I am gone. If you still have something you wish to ask me, do so before Saturday when I will leave forever... Again. 'Til then, see ya!