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#1 14 years ago

Its too late for this to be placed into Battlefront II because it is too big.

I was snooping around a little bit ago, looking through StarWars battlefront, N2003, and Star Trek stuff and I suddenly had the best Idea ever...

Its complex, so stick with me. 1) Forget EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT. 2) After reading this, wait at least 2 minutes before you want to flame it. 3) Be open minded. 4) When I say Rebels it is a place holder for Faction A. 5) When I say Imperials it is a place holder for Faction B. 6) This is for storylines.

Ready? Are you sure? Are you sure that your sure that your sure your ready? OKay.

First you got the rebels on Planet X haveing a party because they believe they have finally defeated the Death Star and its awsome might. A couple days later an entire Imperial Fleet attacks with hundreds of thousands of storm troopers.

Their objective: Capture the planet at all costs.

They decide to attack a city on the outter reaches of the planet. They capture it with ease, they have now setup their Planetary/Space HQ.

Now they have two choices... - A) Head directly to the capital, the most direct route, but have to fight through countless waves and could cost many casualties. - B) Attack other cities, cut off their resources and then head in for a final assualt.

The only way to capture a planet is to take over the capital. However gaining the capital does not mean you have entirely won. You still have to defeat the other cities(not villiges and outposts) to take over the entire planet.

The rebels may either let the Imperials have the cities so that they may stick to the capital and defend it when the Imperials eventually come or they may launch an assualt on small city they captured.

If the capital is defeated by the Imperials, the rebels may either give up or keep fighting(hard deceision).

Anyways, there is alot of potential for this. If you got any suggestions, moans, groans give a post and flame it(i know someone will eventually). :uhm:

Or you can add on to what I have here, its been like an hour since I had the idea so I kinda forgot some of it. Perhaps this would have been better if they used it in SWG or an MMO game.


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14th December 2004

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#2 14 years ago

Would that be all one map or more maps?



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6th June 2005

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#3 14 years ago

Dunno about that hey. You ARE actually altering the whole Star Wars storyline. But hey if you can convince George Lucas....Go For IT.