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Major Mez

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23rd October 2004

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#1 13 years ago

So like I said, i only bought this game yesterday and so i'm not that great at it yet, but pretty good as i've played bf1942 quite a bit. I was playing the tatooine level with the tusken raiders and the CIS army against me. It wasn't looking good as my points were down to about 30 and theirs were down to about 60. It finally got down to me (as in no more reinforcements, 1 point left) and about 17 for them. I was in one of the little huts holed up beside a medic droid after only just blowing the crap out of a droideka (keeping in mind that i'm playing as the regular clone trooper class, no rocket launcher for me) when from one door way comes one super battle droid and from the other doorway comes a sniper droid and two more super battle droids. I'm firing my blaster rifle like crazy, lobbing grenades left right and centre, managed to take out two of the sbd's and who should roll down the stairs but another freakin' droideka! at this point i barely dispatch of the sniper droid and last sbd and am literally hiding behind the medic droid as in this little hut there is no where to hide from this thing while it's got it's shields up. The shields finally go down and i strafe out from the medic droid blasting the thing for all i'm worth and finally it goes down. i spend another few moments healing up before poking my head out from my hut, picking off another sniper droid and an sbd to win the game. I've never sworn so much in my life. It was absolutley crazy! I don't know how I survived! Anyway, post up similar experiences you've had.


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15th March 2004

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#2 13 years ago

hmm... lots of us have probably had simaler expieriences i had one on kashyyk once to it was no the ps2 version i was a normal trooper and my mate was a sniper we only had one of the pier command posts and the odds where like 102 to 2. we managed to kill lots (stupid ai) the tension there was when it went to 25 then my mate gets killed, he respwaned, if any of us died we would fail. i decided to do some recon. he covered me while i killed evryone possible. i am still surprised that i won.

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23rd May 2003

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#3 13 years ago

well, once when playing online i was CIS on Jabba's Palace. there were four or five humans on the Clone side so the CIS was doomed. by the time the CIS reinforcements were to about 10 the clones had about 50. i holed up in the Droid Repair Bay (the top CP) while my last AI's blitzed the Clone CPs capturing all but one. being somewaht intellegent the human clones stayed away from me and took the AI's to capture the other CPs. by this point, it was me Vs. 30 clones. i mined the two stair cases leading into the CP from the Rancor Keepers Chamber, mined the L turn heading from the same way and mined the entrance from the other direction. i waited.

they came from the Rancor Keepers Chamber so i emptyed my rocket launcher and lobbed a few grenades in the direction of the approaching clones. at this point the mine at the other entrance went off killing three AIs. i finished off the last one and saw the humans and the remaining AI's blunder right into my mines killing off about half of them. by this point it me Vs. 8 clones. after emptying my rocket launcher, throwing my grenades and pistoling about three guys to death the game was over with me winning. WOOT!

i even had ammo and a good amount of health left! all those dead bodies left behind alot of ammo and health. that had to be my best moment out of eveything i've done. never been able to repeat it, but God did i enjoy it while it lasted.


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24th January 2005

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#4 13 years ago

well let me tell u it wasnt pretty. it was in geonosis and i was down 1-31. i was a clone jet trooper and i had 4 droidekas gaining on me. one was shooting at me i somersault to the right and enter a gunship. Then the fun begins. there is this wheel tank thing thats shooting me down and i take half the army out. then im shot down and i manage to jump out just in time. except now that the explosion ruins my jet pack and i fall to the spire. its 1-14 now. i hijack one of their airship things (the needle like ships) and start picking them off one by one. when it is 1-2 left, the fun starts ending. because they jammed my sensors i dont know where the other 2 are. so i look and find one blowing up the assembly ship. i blast that droideka like it were meant to do that. then 1 more left. i look and look but no avail. then i see something moving under a techno union. i dive right into the thing shooting like mad in there and i see it blow up. turned out to be a pilot, and i jump out just in time as i was about to be blown up to bits. i was like HOLY ****ING CRAP DID I JUST TAKE A WHOLE ARMY ON!! i tell u that isnt gonna happen that often all i can say is that they got :0wned: they were hard bots 2