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21st November 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I've downloaded the new Naboo and Yavin maps on FileFront, and as much as I enjoy the wide open spaces, I must confess, I have a bigger dream...

Any map, I don't care which one, so large to fit a ton of vehicles. On the Rebel/Confederate side, three control points, all in a straight line, parallel to the opposite side of the map (Imperial/Republic side). At one side control point, 6 fighters, at the other side control point, 4 bombers, and at the middle, several turrets and perhaps a nice tall wall to help cover them. On the Imperial/Republic side, one stationary control point with several light assault vehicles, and four AT-AT's/AT-TE's. The map would be so wide that it would take the assault mechs a pretty long time to reach the other side, but when they got there, it would be quite a messy battle.

Now, since I could just take the Naboo extended map from FileFront and simply paste a few vehicles in there, this should be a pretty simple venture, no? Well, how to I make my own maps? If there was a program out that could expand Naboo and Yavin, then what is it, and where can I download it?

Sorry if this was a long post...please reply if you know! Thanks!