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#1 14 years ago

I have been doing some thinking lately about ideas for maps. I download of them from filefront and some are just plain amazing. I love BF! Heres some ideas for you mappers and maybe some others can comment and agree or whatever: - a map which involves the arena from attack of the clones - a mod where the light saber can be swung in other ways and is actually attacked to the handle. (btw the mod allowing you to play as a jedi rocks) - only you can't be skywalker, can you? - a map which takes place inside or outside the classic jedi temple - one that takes place inside the senate congress building - a mod where you can be boba fett - a mod where you have mass ravines and stuff to fly through and must wipe out turrents and stuff - a map that takes place somewhere or corusant - a mod where you can fly the falcon - i just picture a map of 1,000 or so men, rushing at each other and lots of fighters and clone carriers flying at each other - and is there anyway we can actually command bots to go somewhere or go into a ship? I mean, I am sick of saying "come with me" and having two bots follow me! I need more! I need more men! anyway i'm just saying. I love battlefront and I just wanna play more!do with these ideas as you can.