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#1 16 years ago

[color=black]Subject: ModFest Jan-22 and SW Battlefront Map Pack 1.0[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]We would like to invite everyone to participate in ModFest.[/color] [color=black]The custom map makers have made many good custom maps, but currently they aren't being played on servers. To help get more play on custom maps, we are having ModFest. [/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]To make it easy for players to have the required maps, we have assembled a package of maps that we think will be fun to play. If you install MapPack1 you will be good to go on [color=black] [/color] [color=black]TAW servers and hopefully others as well. TAW will be running at least 2 servers with the custom maps in the "SW Battlefront Map Pack 1.0". We are hoping to have 3 or 4 [/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]dedicated machines. We will have servers running 1.11 and 1.2.[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]ModFest:[/color] [color=black]When: Saturday Jan 22, Noon-3pm Pacific time (we will likey run servers all day)[/color] [color=black]Where: Star Wars Battlefront Internet Servers, Game servers beginning with the "#" character like:[/color] [color=black]#1_TAWSITE.COM[/color] [color=black]Public Teamspeak Server[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]What: The SWBF community is encouraged to serve and play custom maps. [/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]"SW Battlefront Map Pack 1.0"[/color] [color=black]This map pack is available at:[/color] [color=black]and[/color] [/color]and [color=black]We will post more download sites as they become available. [color=black]After unzipping, make sure your folder structure looks like this:[/color] [color=black]Here are the maps and versions in "SW Battlefront Map Pack 1.0".[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]Eddie's Dantooine v1.0, Eddie's DeathStar v1.0 & Eddie's Tynna v1.0[/color] [color=black]Big Hoth Map v.2.1 by Dragonum[/color] [color=black]Rend's Jundland (Final) v2.5[/color] [color=black]Imperial Ground Assault v0.9 by Lord_Bandu[/color] [color=black]Seenland (aka Lakeland) (Final) by Khabarakh[/color] [/color][color=black]Gamorrean Camp v1.1 by AnTeevY [/color]