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#61 14 years ago

What cracks me up about SWBFII ai is when they Shoot the enemy's dead bodies. Dialogue, some of the things they say is sometimes hilarious at certain moments.

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17th December 2005

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#62 14 years ago

^Although it is pretty much a waste of time to shoot at a enemy body, it adds a realism affect, as if your making sure they are dead, or just desacrating the corpse of a hated enemy. Some of the stuff the troops say is pretty funny. "It's a super, run like Heck!" "They sent in the Supers!" "I'm taking you down plastic boy!" And so on.

This happend to me in Battlefront I, I was playing as the Imperials in the Dune Sea Map, remember; back in the old days, when you could Pilot Fighters in Maps? Well, I was killed by a Rebel Soldier, and a few seconds after my death, from a viewpoint of my Body, I could see a Tie-Fighter Crashing into the Rebel Soldier. It was hilarious, my friend and I laughed our asses off.



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14th August 2006

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#63 14 years ago

lol, I played the playstation game for quite some time befire getting the PC game, and I found that in CTF, they yell more thngs like "Okay, who dropped the flag?" I was laughing so hard, I might 'ave dropped the flag!


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11th September 2006

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#64 14 years ago

I guess they want you to be like :eek: when ur not lookin theyll stick it up ur :eek: