What is the highest amount of guys anyones killed in one battle -1 reply

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31st October 2005

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#41 13 years ago

It had to be around 90,000. I got Sudden Strike 2. And if you create a level you can make it so enemies never stop coming and reinforcements never stop. I had enemies coming through the whole map and german fighter planes and bombers killing them. I left the game on all day. Then when I stopped it my kill totals went off the screen. I dont know if 90,000 is for sure but it was a BIG number with 9's in it. I almost couldent exit out though. My computer was running really slow. :lol: But if you are only counting games that AI diddn't control Probably 831 kills on Red Faction 2. I played hard until the time ran out. Fighting bots with infinite ammo no reload and the anti personnel gun on that space level. You know, the one where you jump to different platforms.

I wish I had a total of all the kills I ever made...Would be mind blowing.