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#11 16 years ago

i generally dislike the Republic. the ARC trooper's rocket launcher, while it holds two rounds, takes far to long in my opinion to reload. i'd be far happier with a single shot one. the clone trooper also seems to have too little ammunition. i always seem to be on my last clip. on top of that, i hate their pistol. it seems inaccurate and underpowered compared to the CIS and Rebels (the best pistols in my opinion). the jet troopers pistol is awesome...if only all of the Republic had that gun.

also, every noob in the game abuses the jet trooper. it gets annoying after a while. hell, i play CIS exclusively now to ruin the collective days of those guys. beware of mines! however, if you're just a master with the jet trooper (there are some) you've got my respect. its just the horrendous abuse that bothers me. okay, rant over. :D

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