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#1 14 years ago

The 82nd Infantry Division is now recruiting for Battlefield 2142, Counter Strike: Source, and Day of Defeat: Source. We have over 100 members in all divisions combined, and are very active. We cater to both types of gamers, the type who want to compete in Cal and Twl, and the type who just want to hang out in Teamspeak and have a good time in our servers. We participate in Cal, Twl, etc. We have a 32 man 100 tic DoD:S, 20 man 100 tic CS:S, and a 48 man ranked BF2142 server. We cater to all types of gamers, those who want to compete Our website can be found here : www.82ndID.com , so register and post an application today! (Remember to follow the application guidelines). Our age requirement is 16, with most of our members being 18+. Feel free to post an application, post a reply here, or shoot me an xfire (rifleman23). Thanks for looking, and see you on the battlefield! ~Coach, General of Army

Summary Contact Information: Website: www.82ndID.com Xfire: rifleman23 Email: [email]NathanScott1@mac.com[/email]