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[AWM] Axe Wielding Maniacs

About Us: [AWM] is a newly founded BF2142 Gaming Clan, established by myself (Danny_G) and Majink, we are both very good real life friends and are very experienced, dedicated gamers. Our Roster also consists of Majink's brothers, Link@Kill and Kintaro, who are again both experienced and dedicated gamers. We are newly founded but have very high aims for the Clan, and are looking to bring together our main player base. We are EnemyDown registered and will be entering into tournaments as soon as we have recruited the right players. We will also aim to participate in at least 3 Clan Skirmishes a week, with regular training.

What We Want: We are mainly looking for mature, relaxed and active players. As such, we have an age requirement of 18 years old, we won't accept anything under this. On top of that, all members must be Teamspeak users, Teamspeak is the centre-point of our communication and, as I'm sure most of you already know, an absolute necessity for Matches. We are a UK based Clan, and are prepared to accept anyone so long as you can ping less than 100 to a UK server and can speak fluent English. With regards to Rank, we don't demand anything extremely high, we judge our members on skill and everyone has to start somewhere.

What You Get: We currently run a Ranked Dedicated server and have a Dedicated Teamspeak and website. We will try our utmost to run regular Clan Matches and training sessions, we aim to teach, share tactics and overall increase the enjoyment of the game for our members.

Cost Of Membership: Unlike a lot of other Clans, we do NOT impose fee's or mandatory donations on our members. However, donations are very welcome and Administration Positions can be allocated to those that help keep us running financially (this can be discussed with a Clan Leader).

How To Apply:

  • Firstly, come and speak to us on Teamspeak. Our public Teamspeak server is located at (or Click Here).
  • Come and have a few rounds with us on our Ranked Dedicated, we keep it fairly busy during peak times and can find it at
  • Fill out an Application Form at our Website - [COLOR=Blue][AWM] Axe Wielding Maniacs - Home[/COLOR] - Click the "Join Us" link.

I think thats about it, if you do have any more questions feel free to contact us on the above details.

- [AWM] Danny_G