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#1 13 years ago

Hi all, Just to let you know about Evolution. We are a bunch of people with a good sense of humour who get together and play BF2142 primarily for fun that is what we do it for. We are in Clan Base and enter matches but at the end of the day win or lose we want a laugh. If you want a serious hardcore clan we are not for you, if you want a giggle then join now!!!!!! Check out the website at Evolution Gamerz ┬╗ Old Clans dont die, they evolve and leave a post thier if you wish. Oh I almost forgot you must be 16 or over and of ANY experience level... we'll shake the noob behaviour outa ya in no time :P In case you wondered I'm not Evolutions boss/admin or anything like that their not quit as nuts as me, ooh and one last thing... Anyone who joins literally hands their tags over too me!!! MWA HA HAAAAA :D Cheers guys, [EvO]bishoptopawn DEATH? IN DIAGONAL MOVEMENTS? NO!!!