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22nd September 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hey i just installed half life, CS, oposing force and blueshift (halflife:generations) and CS is giving me some trouble already, its so confusing. Alright i intstalled all the games and the 1.005 CS patch and i wanted to jump into counterstrike so i tried to join a game online. BUT NO! Firsty when i tried to join a net game, it gives me an error message along the lines of "Please activate the cstrike mod to play this game" So i think, fair enough. Go into custon games and i find these 3 weird custom games that ive never heard of b4 and CS or anything like it is nowhere to be found. So i think to myself 'stuff it, ill sort it out later. lets try something else'. Next i try to start a quickstart game, looks good...UNTIL.... "You cannot join a VaLVe server with your current cd-key" or somthing like that. I mean WTF?! im really confused here. Half-Life or CS or Blueshift did not ask me for a cd-key when i installed it, ONLY opposing force did. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE i need help i really wanna play this game and see what its like!!! U can also contact me at [email][/email]. PLEASE GUYS, i need help.