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4th June 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Looking for a tight knit clan that offers many of the bonuses of larger clans such as;

*Ranked BF2 and BF2142 Servers (Fast servers, low rates, operating on donated funds, located in Mid-West USA, 0 Downtime)

*Voice Chat server (Currently using Ventrilo Client - fast server, 99.9% up time)

*Top level domain WEBSITE AND FORUMS

*Active administrative team (Highly active admins to keep everything running smoothly)

*Committed family atmosphere (Were all about having a good time, we promote unity through weekly game nights, monthly meetings, team play, No-BS attitude requirements)

We encourage any mature active players who may be looking for something they can contribute to (not just be a part of) to come fill out an application.

Keep in mind, were a bit more selective and significantly more thorough in our recruitment process than most clans, so...if your wanting in a clan that automates this process - please apply elsewhere.

Check out www.XxTremeMachines.com to fill out an APPLICATION, we'll contact you ASAP to schedule a voice chat interview. We look forward to hearing from you!