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bannerjack.jpg M82 inc. M82 inc. is [COLOR=olive]more [/COLOR]than just a gaming clan but rather a [COLOR=olive]gaming community[/COLOR]. Not only are we [COLOR=olive]active, friendly[/COLOR] and a [COLOR=olive]mature [/COLOR]community that [COLOR=olive]participates in matches regularly [/COLOR]but we expand upon the limits of a clan. We offer [COLOR=olive]fun filled competitions [/COLOR]within the clan and [COLOR=olive]training [/COLOR]so if you’re not the best player, we will help you become one. We may be a small clan but we are in [COLOR=olive]TeamWarfare and CAL [/COLOR]and have several [COLOR=olive]dedicated members[/COLOR]. M82 is lead by its members, we are not a clan where one leader dictates what happens, rather there are several [COLOR=olive]officer positions [/COLOR](some still open) that allow members to become part of the process. [COLOR=blue]Not convinced yet? Here are some more reasons to join:[/COLOR] [COLOR=red][1] We have servers! [/COLOR]We currently own and operate ranked and private 2142 servers, three counter-strike source servers and a teamspeak server with more to come in the future. [COLOR=red][2] No tryouts![/COLOR] Instead of one tryout deciding whether a recruit becomes a member, there is a recruitment period that helps new members become a part of the clan. [COLOR=red][3] We are mature! [/COLOR]Although we sometimes accept member under 18, we only accept members that demonstrate a level of maturity. [COLOR=red][4] We offer training![/COLOR] We understand that you may not be the best player, but it is not a problem if you aren't. We have specially chosen members that are willing to work one on one with you to help you improve your skill. [COLOR=red][5] Plenty of opportunities! [/COLOR]Even if you are new, there are many positions in the clan still open. Clan members are part of the decision making. [COLOR=red][6] We are active![/COLOR] Although we don't expect you to practice or play every day, we have members that do. There are matches several times a week (both friendly and TWL / CAL) along with three or more practice sessions. [COLOR=red][7] Serious but still fun! [/COLOR]We are a serious gaming community but we know that games are meant to be fun and we make every effort to insure our clan member enjoy their stay. [COLOR=red][8] We are international! [/COLOR]We accept both North American and European members. We are evenly distributed through out both continents. [COLOR=blue]Interested in joining? Click [/COLOR][COLOR=blue]HERE[/COLOR][COLOR=blue] to find out how or you can ask roadkill with the information listed below.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]xfire- sniper1219[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]email- [EMAIL="roadkill@m82inc.com"]roadkill@m82inc.com[/EMAIL][/COLOR] M82 inc. clantag.png All rights reserved. M82 inc. © 2007