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#1 12 years ago
New to gaming? We’ll help you gain the skills that will take your play to the next level!
Grizzled veteran? A variety of games and maps will keep you chasing that next kill!

Are you looking to join a clan? [MIA] has been running game servers for several years now and what started with the Battlefield series (BF2, BF2142) has now been expanded! We are currently running COD4 and very recently Team Fortress 2 servers. In support of this expansion we need your help to make the clan even better! Are you interested in fair play where skill and teamwork mean the difference between victory and defeat? In the [MIA] clan we celebrate the honorable, clever, and resourceful individual…cheaters are not welcome. Bottom line: Gaming should be FUN!!! If you are looking for good times and friendly brothers-in-arms…. come check us out!!!!