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Syndicate Seven


Recruitment Post

Hello everyone. My game name is Triburst. I am a 29 years old. This post is a recruitment post for my clan S7. We will not be responding to any posts here. Please refer to our clan forums at the address we provide. Thank you.

About Syndicate Seven

Syndicate Seven (S7) is a newly formed adult clan for BF 2142. We are a competition team. We plan to participate in the TWL ladders. We are a very tactical clan. BF 2142 is considered a tactical shooter. It simulates combat, and so real life military tactics are applicable. And we do apply them. We are serious about practice and our tactics. We are very serious about ladder matches. We play to win. But this does not mean we are overbearing power freaks. We are friendly and fair. Nor does our serious attitude toward those things mean we don't have fun. We do, we just do so by getting attack/defense plans down pat and then smoking the crap out of the bad guys.

Syndicate Seven is NOT for everyone. You have to possess the following qualities:

[COLOR=red]1- Tactical Love:[/COLOR] As I said we are tactical. There seems to be a confusion as to what that means in the FPS community. When we say we are tactical we do not mean we are good players. (Although we are.) We mean we use tactics (aka: battle plans). We develop tactics for different situations. And then we practice those tactics. Each squad member has a part to play, and must play it the same way every time. If you have ever been in the military you will be familiar with many of our techniques. As they are the same or very similar. Point is, it takes practice and dedication on your part. You will not log in on a practice night and just run around doing whatever you want. You will be working with your squad. You will be practicing your squad's tactics. [COLOR=red]2- Age:[/COLOR] We have age limitations. S7 is an adult clan. You must be at least 21 years old to apply. Sorry kids. [COLOR=red]3- Team Player:[/COLOR] As stated about being tactical. It only works if everyone does their part. So being a team player is very important. You have to be in it for the glory of all. Everyone has a part to play in our squads. Each squad has it's own part in the overall battle. [COLOR=red]4- Motivation:[/COLOR] You have to be ready and willing to practice, to compete and to win. Laziness and apathy are not welcome in our clan. If you are too tired to push some buttons, you should go straight to the doctor and find out what is wrong with you. Obviously it is nothing short of a miracle you can still breathe. [COLOR=red]5- Dedication:[/COLOR] You must be dedicated to the clan. We are more than a place to hang out. Or a cool name for you to sport. We are a team, we are brothers in arms. Be in for the long haul, or don’t join at all. There will be much time spent teaching you how we roll. The team will bend over backwards for you, you better do the same for the team. So, by this point either you are thinking you may have finally found what you are looking for. Or you have realized we are way too in depth for you. Be honest with yourself. If you know deep down that this style of clan isn’t for you. Then please do not apply. We are not screwing around and we will figure you out faster than you might think. Been there done that if you know what I mean.

Our Goals

1- Form a team of players that is as cohesive as a real military unit. That works as efficiently and effectively as a real unit. 2- Climb up to the top of the TWL ladders. 3- Maintain the clan through 2142 and stick together on into the next FPS game we move to.

There is much more information on our forums

For S7 Forums click HERE Head on over to them and check out the detailed info. Read up on everything before you apply

We are seeking Engineers!

We now have a ranked server! Name= Syndicate Seven Server IP= We have a nice core of members started. We need some more dedicated guys to join our ranks! JOIN US!

Syndicate Seven is looking for several more team players to join the team. We have a strong core of great people. We have been learning much and jumping leaps and bounds in squad tactics. Google Bounding Overwatch. If you like the sounds of that. You will like what we do. We are not a "clan" in any average sense of the word. We are a team, and we are seekign team members. Visit us at our FORUMS


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i'm looking for clan to join please contact me msn [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. i play full time and will do what it takes to make the cut thanx. i'm 21.