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Welcome to Tactical Gaming <(TG)>. We established in 1999, TG has always been around. We provide a safe place for our members and we appreciate their opinions with the clan. We have zero tolerance for bullrainbows, so keep it down. All of us just like to come play some rounds, we might say crap that might offend some people but know it's not directed toward that, we just have fun. the TG leaders are , Street, Corzza, and Devil Rey. We are a adult clan, meaning we have a age limit and we agreed on the age of 17+. We don't want little traumatized kids running around and starting conflicts with people. We don't tolerate any hacks, cheats, smurfing, drama, or BS.

Welcome.. to Tactical Gaming

Our website www.tg-battlefield.com

Our email [EMAIL="clan@tg-battlefield.com"]clan@tg-battlefield.com[/EMAIL]

As we move on in the years of operation in TG we change and make new ideas for the clan TG

We have recently gone back to ranks and added the REALISM back to Tactical Gaming

We have all the ranks again and some ones the staff have made


New Recruits

Requirements for New Recruits:

a. Must have a microphone

b. Must have or be able to download Vent

c. Must have or be able to download Xfire

d. Must be at lest 17 years of age or older

New members must then complete the sign up for the website/forums and put in an application on the website

We will take a look at all apps submitted to the site once we look at your app you will get a go to join the TG at the rank of REC and move your way up in the clan by doing your duties in TG

When in the clan you can earn medals,ribbons,pins etc

Members in TG will now be able to apply for a new rank seeing they do there duties and show up for meetings and play with the clan (it must be approved by all generals and founders for it to be final)

thanks again for taking the time to read this we hope to see you soon on the battlefield !

b_560x95.png TG Founders / Generals

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o_O Sexy skin there. Uggghhh...I was interested in this until it said that you had to be 17 or older (gay). But, I guess rules are rules. Besides, I'm apart of a clan (more like a group) that I've been with for almost 2 years and I'm not leaving (even though they are inactive and bf2 is never played anymore). Interesting. Always good to see another site running e107 (my favorite CMS). PSST! You do know that e107 has a forum built in right? That follows the already used e107 theme?