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#1 10 years ago

Hello everyone, my name is Soulzz. I'm from a gaming community called True Born Gaming. Since our community was first established, we have been growing and getting a lot attention. We will be getting 1 Extreme Professional dedicated server residing in Dallas, TX. We also have a few servers in Seatle.

Not only will we have our servers up - we will be renting out servers to gaming clans, communities, etc. for various purposes. This will come with full rcon and in-game admin.

All our servers are supported by generous donations from our members and visitors and some do it so they can have reserve slots or elevated status on our game servers, like in game admin or moderator.

Equally, those who help us populate our servers end up receiving reserved slots in return. Our members, who have a great sense of humor, are all mature and fun to play with. We like to think of our community as a friendly neighborhood that anyone can go to to have fun and feel like they belong.

We are currently recruiting gamers that are 18 and over from any part of the of the world. We do make exceptions for those under 18 that are mature. You can access our Ventrilo and forums by visiting our site. Join us today! www.TRUEBORNGAMING.com

Our ventrilo is IP - PORT - 3786 NO PASSWORD