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Mr_JimWest [BF2 Name]

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11th July 2006

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#1 11 years ago

Is it possible to make a skin for your solder in Battlefield 2142 looking like anyone, in a movie....(anyone in general)? Including; face, body, ...... Is it possible to make a skin for a weapon in Battlefield 2142 to make it look any object you might find around the house? Can you do this, can you do the things above easily with the right resources! Could you make a mod, for a Battlefield 2142 server, so anyone that had the mod we have the above modifications to the characters and weapons? What will it take, what would be the cheapest, best working, easiest, way to do all of the above! If interested in helping out a new (non profit) community project....and for more info please e-mail me! E-mail: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]



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4th March 2007

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#2 11 years ago

Very annoying thread title...

1st: No. 2142 soldiers are generic depending on their class (even more so because of the amount of gear covering their faces), which means that you'd have an army of that person versus another army of someone else, and of course, you'd be unlikely to notice their face.

2nd: You mean modeling. You can definitely make different weapons, but giving them that objects characteristics would require coding as well.

3rd: Doing any of these requires both time and effort. There is no 'best working' or 'easiest' fix to do it all quickly.


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#3 11 years ago

I am trying to mod BF2142 and I want to do some very basic skin changes.

All I want to do is to add some identifying colors to some of the soldiers.

Can anyone help? please reply.