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#1 10 years ago

Hey everyone, after what seems of a disappearance of Dan's Localization File 2.9 (The current and most used localization file changer in BF2142) I've decided to make my own. This is NOT a copy of Dan's Localization File 2.9. I used some of his concepts to create my own. Basically, this is a Battlefield 2142(BF2142) Localization File Changer. Although it has been proven that it will not get you in trouble, I can not be held responsible for anything you do to get in trouble with it.

What this does: What my file does it change some of the things in-game to make them look "Pretty". Let's take the top left hand corner in-game when a player kills a player. It will usually say KnifENoW [Voss-LAR] DarkStar09. Now, with my file, it will say the same thing but [Voss-LAR] will be in orange, making the game more fun to look at. :) I have also changed it so when you kill someone, it will say "You Killed X", but the X (Players Name) will be in orange. You can also change it yourself, or take my personal version, so instead of it saying "You Killed" it will say, "You OWNED".

This will NOT get you in trouble with PunkBuster OR Admins. Only YOU can see it because it is only visible on your screen. You will NOT get banned through PB or in-game for using this.

Thank you to DarkStar09, he helped me test v1.1 and v1.2. Credit goes to him for finding in-game mistakes and alerting me so I could fix them. :)

v1.0 Notes: First time changing it. Only changed You Killed to You OWNED and highlighted important things in orange. v1.1 Notes: Added orange for when Missle Silo's are captured, and added point values. Added Easter Egg. v1.2 Notes: Fixed problem with PG Up/down in-game, fixed point values. v1.3 Notes: Fixed point values, highlighted important things. v1.4 Notes: Changed from You OWNED to You Killed for public release, added in highlighted important things.

To put this in your folder so you can use it in-game, follow these directions.

1. Go here: "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\bf2142\Localization"(Without the "). And look for the file named "Strings". After you have found it, drag to another file where you will remember it. This is your original and back-up file. I'm having you do this because A. If you don't like my Strings, you can go back to the original. B. You can only have one Strings file in Localization. The original Strings file MUST be out of your Localization file.

2. Download KnifENoW's Localization File v1.4 here: strings.csv Download File on FileFront

3. Extract or put in KnifENoW's Localization File v1.4 in here: "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\bf2142\Localization"(Again, without the ").

4. Make SURE that your original Strings is somewhere safe, and NOT in your localization folder. You can only have 1 Strings file in your localization file.

5. Enjoy!

You can modify things by yourself by opening up the file in either Excel or Notepad, and holding down Ctrl + F and searching for the word. If you want to change "You Killed" to "You OWNED" Hold down Ctrl + F, search for You Killed, then change it to You OWNED when you find the correct one.

Have fun with this guys! If you find ANY errors or have ANY feedback, please leave feedback here, or contact me through xfire. My xfire is moukev2.

Please, try this out. :) It will NOT get you in trouble, it ONLY modifies what is on your screen. Many people use this, all it does it highlight important things happening in-game.