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logov1.png A new mod is being born and we need your help! The mod is entitled "Medieval Conflicts" and is based in the Middle-Ages. Our mod is a total conversion for Battlefield 2142. Our focus with the project is melee fighting, we hope to improve the melee system currently built into 2142 and enhance it for intense and realistic sword fights and battles. For maps, it will feature both historical and fictional battles, such as massive castle sieges and open battlefields. We are planning on implementing new game modes and other exciting new features as well including siege towers, catapults, customizable classes and more. However our mod team is currently small and we need as many experienced modders as we can get to help us make this a success. We're looking for people that enjoy working with a team and can do at least one of the following: -Coding -Modelling (3ds Max or Maya preferably) -Skinning -Mapping -Sound Design/Editing -Animating We need all of these roles filled, with several people for each, so if you can do any of these things, please register and submit a form under the Recruitment section of our forums. Our forums can be found at Medieval Conflicts :: Index When applying for the mod please include the following in your application: -Name/Alias you go by -Age -Time Zone -Contact Information (Email required, Xfire is stressed) -Samples of your work -Amount of time available each week To contact us PM either Bromley or Vertigo on the forums or use one of the methods below: Bromley: Xfire: Bromley12345 Email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Vertigo: Xfire: sgtmaverik Email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you! -Medieval Conflicts Mod Leaders