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#1 12 years ago

Hello, this is Bromley and Sniperjack, mod leaders of a new mod, Battle For The Silmarils. This mod for BF2142 is based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s book, The Silmarillion. The Silmarils were 3 jewels made by an Elf king. A dark lord named Morgoth stole the jewels and went into northern Middle-Earth, and made a fortress(Angband) where he bred orcs, wolves, balrogs, dragons, and trolls. In an effort to retrieve the jewels, the Elves united with Men and Dwarves and had a long, bloody war with many, many battles against the orcs. The Silmarillion is set in the First Age of Middle Earth, many thousands of years before Lord of the Rings. Our mod will have Orcs,Elves,Humans,and eventually Dwarves as teams. We will also include many battle maps based off the book and some we will make up. If you like Lord of the Rings, you will like this mod very much. We currently don’t have a site but we will soon. Our forums are located here: please feel free to check it our and register This mod cannot be made without help! We need basically anyone who can mod, but we especially need: -skinners -character modelers -animators -website creator

If you can do anything,go to our forums: and post a thread in the Join us section. It must say: what you can do, a way to contact you, and a sample of your work(either a image in your post or a link to a hosted image). We will greatly appreciate anyone who can help. Thanks, Bromley and Sniperjack To Contact the 2 mod leaders: Bromley: Xfire: Bromley12345 Sniperjack: Xfire: sniperjack123 Email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]


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#2 12 years ago

Well im not here to help, but ill give you a lil encouragement. This looks awsome. I have read the silmarilian about six times and i cant wait to see how this turns out.