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24th January 2007

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#1 13 years ago

I just downloaded First Strike and tried to play one of the space maps. However, when I spawned, the x-wing I was in and the star destroyer I was attacking were all black. Like if the skins for the ships were missing. The Star Destroyer blinked one or twice then just turned black. I have 2142 up to date with the latest patches and First Strike is updated with the lastest patches. Any help would be appreciated as it is very difficult fightining in the black of space in a black starship while trying to blow up a black star ship. :-)

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27th January 2008

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#2 13 years ago

Ok, follow these steps... Un-Install First-Strike Restart Re-Install First Strike Restart Now try, you could have recieved a corrupt version of the mod when downloading it via a mirror etc. If anything please check thier forums for info as I have the mod, installed a few weeks ago and mine ran fine! even had server I joined and played w/ a few guys! Pretty decent IMO! To you, I extend a sincere - GOOD LUCK! Sincerely, TheLastSuperman =of= [COLOR=royalblue][/COLOR] [COLOR=royalblue][/COLOR]