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26th December 2005

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#1 13 years ago

hi I just got a new laptop last night and wanted to test out 2142. the laptop is a toshiba satelite a200. When i start it up, it flashes a black screen then it says "battlefield 2142 has stoped working". i thought it was the video drivers but they are all updated. the specs are... Intel mobile core 2 duo @1.73GHz t5300 2 gigs ram i945gm chipset mobile intel(R) 945gm/gu express chipset im not sure if the video card is suitable for 2142. and i got vista. Guywithawrench

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16th February 2007

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#2 13 years ago

There are multiple reasons that BF2142 isn't working on your laptop. I'll list them below and the details will be in a separate list: 1) Your processor isn't strong enough 2) You have no graphics card or even onboard graphics 3) Mobile chipsets are designed to be light, every day useage. They're not optimized for gaming. They are usually only made to handle basic tasks. 4) 2142 along with most games aren't designed for laptops DETAILS: 1) Your processor (yes its a c2d) isn't powerful enough for 2142. 2142 is a very processor hungry game. It needs lots of processing power to keep up with the ingame physics engine. I even have trouble and I'm running a computer 1.5 times more powerful that yours. 2) 2142 is also a very graphics hungry game. There are lots of fine details that eat up graphics memory. Titan mode has to be the worst. The hover supports underneath the Titans are very graphics demanding. I have trouble running 2142 and I'm running a 7600 GS. 3) Mobile chipsets are designed to run programs like e-mail, the internet, word processing programs, and some light graphics/processor using games. They just aren't designed to run high powered games. 4) And lastly, laptops are designed for portability and ease of use. If you want a laptop good enough to play power hungry games you'll need an Alienware, Hyperson-PC, or a Dell XPS gaming laptop. Hardcore gamers don't usually play on laptops. They buy or build high power gaming rigs that stay in one spot for most of their 3-5 (sometimes less) year lifetime. There are gaming computers built in LAN designed portable cases but their are very expensive just like gaming laptops. As I and many gamers say "If you'd rather frag than lag, get a computer that kicks ass." This is about as much info that I can give you. The laptop that you posted isn't nearly powerful enough for 2142. Hell I'm running a gaming rig with 2 gigs of RAM and thats barely enough. Stick with a gaming desktop and leave laptops for work while traveling. Hope this some good information for you. [COLOR=black]Cheers,[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]David (a.k.a. GateCrusher420)[/COLOR]