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#11 13 years ago

well as i said iv got a RADEON X300 and i used to run! then it stoped workin well it couldnt read the disk but now i got a new dvd drive thin nd it reads it now!! but still dont work when it used to!! the only thing thats changed is that iv updated my drivers! so if u have done that u might wanna un update them to a older 1 that might help lol im no pro nd im tryin 2 fix mine as well!!

to find out anything nearly about ur computer id advise to use "Belarc Advisor" just type that into Google and install it then it will tell u everythin u need then come back here nd post it up some1 might b able to help u!!!

and can any1 who is skilled read this post nd try help me!! thanx


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27th January 2008

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#12 13 years ago
gravy666;4200642Not to be rude, but it would help if you weren't such a noob with computers and could tell us more about your comp. It is most likely hardware related b/c you have DX9. Your video card can run obviously run the game ok. But I have no idea about anything else, because you don't know anything else.

Not to sound like an a$$hat, but when you help someone it's not required to point out their flaws and lack of abilities or knowledge - that's why they ask for help - because they don't know anything else about it, obviously of course. Also as you noticed I apologized in advance much like you did in the opening of your statement, excusing yourself does not excuse your manners no matter how much warning you give someone.

Also considering I'm an admin on some sites, to avoid a flame war - any comments towards my comment about your attitude problem can be PM'd directly to me. When you edit your post to reflect being nice to him - I'll delete this post entirely or cut it real short and contact and admin of this site to point out your obvious attitude issues.

Thanks for not helping him at all, well except for teaching him some sas', minus the wit of course.

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