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20th July 2006

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#1 11 years ago

Ive been playing bf 2142 for quite a while now and have hardly ever had any connection or bad lagg issues until quite recently where the game cant even connect to the server yet my connection to the internet has been fine and i had been forced to play on a offline account, this isn't as bad now but still does happen every so often, any ideas how to sort it out? But now i have a issue with the server themselves, it seems as i am joining a sever and it begins to load the map the screen always seems to freeze up about half way through the loading or just as the game itself is about to start and this requires me to close the game as it begins to not respond then i am forced to reset my computer due to the bad case of lagg when i get to my desktop, every so often the game itself will actually load but i then have SERIOUS problems with the lag and am forced to disconnect as it is unplayable with the amount of lag, strangely i mainly have this issue with the titan servers but not so often with the others but still i am victim to lag in conquest, this has only happened to me during the past week, can someone explain to me how to sort this out? cheers:beer: