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#1 14 years ago

I downloaded the demo and I'm able to actually log in and stay logged on, however as soon as i join a server the game encounters a problem in usually about 30 sec. It gives me an error report screen and if i send the error report nothing happens it just says error report sent. I started looking for solutions to things that caused "errors" and "bugs". I ruled out refresh rate, DirectX9.0, in-game connection settings and not having certain ports open having anything to do with my error. I started looking at my computer's specs and have found a few spots where i might not be meeting minimum requirements.

I have an Intel Pentium 4 at 3.40GHz, I have 2.50 GB of RAM, I'm not quite sure if i meet specifications here but I have a Radeon X300/X550 series with a new ATI driver and 128mb of memory(I'm fairly sure that my card supports pixel shading 2.0). I'm not sure of my sound card, I have somewhere around 57 GB of free space, i have a cable connection that i am almost positive is over 128kbit (I was downloading the demo at 778KB per second if that means anything).