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#1 12 years ago

Has anyone had a problem with playing the Ghost Ranger 2142 server? Their clan URL is Here's a note that I posted on their server explaining the problem I had (don't want to type it in again) If anyone else is having this problem, please contact EA Games with complaint. If they're padding they should be taken off the ranked server list. ------------------------------------------------ GhostRanger Moderator - I'm not sure if there's a problem with your 2142 GR server or if I violated some unpublished rule. I've been trying to play the Titan game (around 5:00 pm, US EST) and I keep getting kicked. I have not violated any rules of conduct that I know of. I took 3 silos and got kicked "to make room for admin player" was the message. There were only 7/32 players online so I knew that was wrong. I got back on and blew one console .... got kicked. Got back on and blew a second console & knocked Core to 50% ... got kicked. I got back on ... new game ... started going for a silo and one of my own teammates runs my FAV off the road with his APC . Maybe I'm paranoid or maybe they really did conspire with the enemy via teamspeak? If you guys are trying to stat pad and don't want an "intruder" messing up your game then I believe that's a violation of EA ranked server rules. I'll contact EA and find out if you have a history of this. If that's not the case and it's all just "coincidence" then you have a problem with your server that you need to look into. -- shokNgnaw ------------------------------------------------ Anyone else have this problem?


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