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20th October 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hi everyone,im just here to say that the |69th Combat Group| is Recruting for BF 1942 & BF Vietnam!! We currently have 4 members,are hoping to get a TS server and other game servers:deal:.We are a clan about 3 weeks old and have most of the information all ready to hand out to people via email(mine is [email="canadian_friend50@hotmail.com"]canadian_friend50@hotmail.com[/email] ). Our website was made by me www.freewebs.com/69thcg (it was made in about 20 minutes so dont tell me its bad....;) ). We use real Navy,Airforce, and Marine Corps rankings.As a one time offer I will automaticly make anyone that joins a Sergeant(Marine Corps)Staff Sergeant(Airforce) or Petty Officer 2nd Class(Navy). We hope that alot of people join because i really want this clan to work. |69th AF|Gen|Taws2:assimilate: P.S. I cant change my gaming forums name from {24th SE}DFA so dont ask about it ok?good.