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#1 14 years ago

The Black Widow Company, a Planetside outfit (Emerald TR) that is expanding into Battlefield 2, is a strong establishment with a military style structure that practices real life military techniques and methods that promise to make our name known on the battlefield. The time has come for us to expand, and we see no better host for us that Battlefield 2 to branch out into.

As in any military style organization, discipline and ease of communication are paramount. BWC recognizes this, and unlike other gaming groups, we make sure to practice what we preach. To enforce this, we have a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that we expect all of our members to follow, and we require all recruits to sign upon joining. We also have a private Teamspeak server for optimal battlefield communications, and will be reserving our own Battlefield 2 server upon release. Until then, we have a Battlefield 1942 server with the Desert Combat mod running for practice.

The Black Widow Company runs extensive training operations led by some of the most seasoned group oriented FPS veterans, many of which are active duty soldiers or veterans of the service. Our Basic Training Initiative program (BTI) covers all points of crucial team game play, from standard to advanced infantry tactics for our grunts, to black ops training for spec ops personnel, to advanced leadership training courses for both aspiring squad leaders and hardened central commanders. There is not a single field of the game in which we do not have experts ready to guide new recruits, and to help sharpen the skills of more senior members for them to become more a more effective part of our elite fighting force.

BWC gives its members the experience of becoming part of a reputable, tactically aware, fluid and devastating ready to shake Battlefield 2 down to its core, and at the same time become part of a friendly community of gamers looking to make friends and kill together as a team. The Black Widow Company may not be for everyone, but we welcome all to come be a part of the BWC family. Come visit us at and take a look around. icon_smile.gif