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#1 13 years ago

:CFH: is looking for good people to help us admin our Battlefield servers, we are also looking for people to fill other staff positions (e.g. scrim managers, squad leaders, map designers, recruitment managers, public relations and not to mention general members). We are a new clan (operational 1-10-05 5 members) that will be sticking around for some time, we are presently running two BF1942 servers DC Final and Vanilla (OE) and will also be hosting BF2 when it becomes available. We are looking for members/staff who would like to be part of molding a new organization. We are looking for individuals who are mature, polite and believe in respecting other teammates as well as other players be it on our or others servers. Troublemakers need not apply! Staff/membership has its privileges, NO DUES!!! Admin control of game servers!!! Admin control of forum areas!!! Ability to host custom maps!!! Ability to participate in ladder matches!!! And a say in the day-to-day operations, and direction of the clan. We are not running a dictatorship, everyone has a say in what goes on. So if any of this interests you please stop by our website at http://www.cfhclan.com/ or send an Email at ( [email="nightwind@cfhclan.com"]nightwind@cfhclan.com[/email] ) (ozz@cfhclan.com) Please visit our BF1942 DCF server at:

Please visit our BF1942 server at: Please visit our TeamSpeak Server at: