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#1 13 years ago

CFH is a friendly family-based gaming community of over twenty members strong. We mostly play Battlefield but we also get involved in many types of online games on the market today. We are a diverse bunch ranging from 13-45 years old; fathers/mothers and sons/daughters make up our community, not to mention the majority of freelance players just trying to get their daily fix of what Battlefield has to offer.

We have just updated our service in anticipation of BF2. We have leased a DEDICATED high performance server on an international high performance backbone with the equivalent of 5 dedicated T3 lines which are DEDICATED to our server. NO LAG!!!! This means there are no other games running on our box - only what we load!!!

We are looking for mature, friendly people to join our gaming community. We have no membership fees but donations are always appreciated.

We are involved in NATO ladders and will be getting involved in CAL/TWL shortly!!!

We will be hosting BF2 - so be on the front line of the new BF2 community when it comes out!!!

So come stop by and check us out in our game servers, website, or Teamspeak!

:CFH: website: Teamspeak:

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BF1942 DCF

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