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#1 12 years ago

=DC= has been growing for some time now (Over 40 members and counting) and we are looking to expand into other clan games. So we decided to start a BF42 division, but we need a BF42 division leader. He would be in charge of recruiting and just about everything to deal with BF42. We have a 14 man dedicated bf42 server but if it takes off then we will make it bigger. For those of you thinking "Why wouldn't i just start my own clan". Well, we have all you need that most people starting clans would not have. For example: We have ventrilo, BF1942 dedi, over 10 BF42 players already, great mature members, and a Clan website. We are not handing this spot out to anyone though. You will have to be a mature leader and can handle resposibility. If you are interested in trying out for this position then contact me on xfire or come check our site out.

www.DrivenCarnage.com Vent: Dedi: Xfire name: BioSin