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[COLOR=blue]Interested in joining DK? Read on and find out if you're the right stuff![/COLOR] We are recruiting for all gaming areas! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [COLOR=blue]About DK[/COLOR] DK is a laid-back clan. We game solely for fun and friendships. Many of DK are married, many have children, many are personal friends, many are related, and we are of all ages ranging from 14 to 53. We've never been a competition clan in the past, but we have always had a love for scrims! We are however considering the possibility of some form of “friendly” competitions in the future. DK has always been a “Team based” clan. No need for members that boast about being the best. If you're really good, we'd see that and you'd bet we'd be glad to have you! Here, skills are great but not a requirement. If your attitude is good, you're half way there! DK is looking for members with good all around attitudes in-game and in the forums. Great sportsmanship and a good attitude is the most important factor we look for. DK expects new prospects to be respectful to members as we would you. DK member are expected to display respect and dignity in our public servers and within our forums , it reflects on the clan and it's members as a whole. A great gaming attitude is far more desirable than skills, bad attitudes can quickly ruin your clan member's gaming experience, and that's a quality we want to avoid. We frown upon “smack-talkin” or anything considered flamatory anywhere while you're acting as a DK member. It will not be tolerated and will be dealt with promptly. I expect member to avoid any confrontations on our servers and in the forums, and anywhere you might go while representing DK in any way. We hope to maintain a good atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Any personal problems with DK members need to be deal with in private. I will be available to help situation if they arise. There are no real clan rankings other that “division leaders”... those who've pledged to devote time and effort into DK activities. These positions are available only to those who can commit and are willing. DK prides itself on the fact that real life has full priorities over any clan activities period. DK does not require any member to participate in activities. Forcing members to play would make gaming as we do turn into work, so it won't ever be required for members to be involved. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [COLOR=blue]Becoming a DK member[/COLOR] The recruitment process is simple. New members are to have at least one “sponsor”, i.e. a current member has referred you here. If you haven't been referred, simply join us on one of our game servers and meet with us, play with us, then apply here... that simple! We also have a Public Ventrilo server where we join during gameplay. It's the best way for us to meet with you. Join in even if you don't want to join the clan! DK had adopted a “One Month” approach as a part of accepting new members. It was designed to avoid bringing in new members, then having them find we're not what they wanted to be a part of, or you're not what we expect of DK members. It's now decided by an executive decision by DK members, and the time period will be determined based on observations and participation. It's not hard at all to fit in with us... and in the event we part ways, DK still would love to maintain a good relationship with any past member or not. Anyone interested in joining DK are encouraged to tell us about yourself... where you're from, work, and anything of interest. It helps to know about you. New members had been required to wear a modified “Tag” for one month[COLOR=yellow]*[/COLOR], but it's been changed due to the ranking systems within the Battlefield series, and applies to all gaming areas within DK. New members are urged to use our game and voice servers... that's what they are there for and it directly supports the clan and it's members. It's not a requirement however. Having DK members playing elsewhere also promotes the clan. Forum participation however is a requirement for membership as it's where all active DK are informed on all DK activities... scrims, policies, server info, member news, and events. It wouldn't make sense to tell us you want to join and not participate, and we don't want new members who don't plan on being involved. After this period, DK members will make a decision based on observations and participation. In the event we feel you haven't spent enough time with us, we may postpone membership until we've had the proper time to get to know you. You may want to postpone tagging up, but It's up to you at that point to let us know what your plans are. [COLOR=red]*note there may be situations where this time period can be shortened or extended, based on observations and participation. If you are someone DK members are already familiar with for example, then we may allow membership as soon as DK members agree. Personal friends and family members also get special considerations. The decision to speed the process is DK's option. [/COLOR] There aren't any “hidden” rules... we just expect good fun, good people, and the hopes of making new long-time friendships. DK has had very few bad situations in the past, and I'm confident most will make it in DK. We'd love to have you!

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