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2nd June 2005

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#1 13 years ago

PLAYERS WANTED to join a successful long established squad. Eurowarriors have been having fun in the delta force series of games for many years and are now bringing their skills & humour into BF2 We have our own super servers of 100mb Bandwidth connection which hosts our BF2 and Joint Op servers and our Teamspeak server. These super servers being amongst the best in Europe. We have a large community of friends and allies. Our website and forums are made by our own professional web designer. We also have some of the best Graphics designers in Europe, Who have won numerous awards for their work, some of the top squads get their sigs from Eurowarriors staff, We have various military servicemen amongst our members, who share their military skills and training to the rest of the squad and are a major benefit to any squad.

We are a non-cheating squad and totally against cheaters… We run anti-cheat programs on all our game servers, We want to enjoy our gameing experience, not have our fun ruined by cheats.

We can offer a friendly welcome to all that wish to visit our site, Teamspeak and game servers. No matter where you are from in the World and no matter what racial background you are from you will be treated as we will wish to be treated…

You can look at other squads, but can they answer yes to all of these 1, Can they offer as much as us? 2, Are they dedicated to enjoying the game first and foremost ? 3, Can they offer real military tacticians as advisers ? 4, Can they offer private training sessions in a lag free servers? 5, Have they got a dedicated high quality match servers? 6, Can they offer a fully functional, well designed website? 7, Do they have their own dedicated 24/7 game servers? 8, Do they have permanent Teamspeak server? 9, Have they got an active and interesting forum? 10, Are they well organised and already play as a team? 11, Are they committed enough to stay around permanently ? 12, Have they got award winning sig designers ? 13, Have they got tried and tested tactics and strategies already in place ? 14, Can they honestly say they have a lot of fun in thier clan ? EUROWARRIORS can say YES to them all … so visit sign up and join us…

If you want to play with a long established professional squad, give us a shout. If you want an unorganised low rated squad with little backing behind their convictions then go elsewhere.