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#1 6 years ago

[SIZE="6"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Funny Hostile Hunters[/COLOR][/SIZE] hello everyone! i'm frost, and i'm in the funny hostile hunters (FhH) clan. The clan is a very nice clan, which is all about friendship and battlefield :D currentley, we have a fall-out, which lowers our members activity. we would like you to join our clan! and we would all appreciate it!

[SIZE="5"]Where to join?[/SIZE] we have some very nice forums, which we post important, funny or general stuff. the forums also requires some respect for other people. ¥[FunnyHostileHunters]¥ - Home Page

[SIZE="5"]who?[/SIZE] Everyone is able to join us! there are no age limits/requirements, and it doesn't matter from which country u are! but the time we count with will be GMT +01:00 (middle europe).

I hope you'd like to join our clan. we'd really appreciate it! thanks for paying attention to this thread.

Many greetings,