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#1 16 years ago

The 7th CAL( 1942 season is about to kickoff. This is an invitation to any teams who are not currently signed up to compete, we would love to have you. CAL is a free league and widely known as the league who brings in the best competetion every season, we have also been the most sucessfull league in the USA. Right now we have 40 teams participating in the pre-season. Regular season kicks off on the 20th. We will be accepting new teams until early December, so it's not to late for you to get in-the-game. The format is 12 versus 12, matches are played every Sunday night. To signup for some intense action and register your team please visit our division is Battlefield 1942 - Premier. Feel free to email me at [email][/email] if you have any questions! Let's see what you've got! This is where you gotta be.