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Grunts Are Recruiting…

The Grunts are a fun loving clan, encompassing 4 games, by dividing the clan into Battalions.

  • 1st Battalion - Counter Strike series.
  • 2nd Battalion - Black Hawk Down
  • 3rd Battalion - America’s Army
  • 4th Battalion - Battlefield series. (Battlefield 42, Vietnam & 2)

In the 4th Battalion we welcome players of any skill, age and nationality. We have squads depending on your time zone and run training sessions, which will be set according to your time zone. Grunts are setup in a military fashion, with ranks, so you know who’s leading you. A points system provides incentives to do services and perform well for the Grunts. To pass your boot camp you simply need to be active, there is no ignition test. The only requirement is that you have XFire & Team Speak.

To contact me, you can chat/email me here.

XFire - theex3cutor

Yahoo - theex3cutor

MSN - [email][/email]

Sgt. Zender, Australian Fire Team Leader.